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4Dark is a company dedicated to privately-funded film and distribution projects in the cult film sector. The company team and management are made up of established entrepreneurs and professionals, who are recognized and currently work successfully in the world of television, cinema and visual effects.
The target market is niche and thrillers, an area in which 4Dark boasts extensive experience and awards both in Italy and abroad, thanks to our operating partners Ubik and Sample, national leaders in the digital post-production.

4Dark’s business is managing the production and distribution phases of genre and animated films, and scouting, buying and distributing audiovisual products. These phases have the widest management options of the whole process, and the greatest influence and ability to attract high profits, acting particularly on the distribution policy of the products.


4Dark was set up with private financing, with the aim of developing, producing and distributing film products and serials for all kinds of exploitation (theatre, television, the digital world, merchandising and licensing).
The productions hark back to the genre films of the past, resuming their styles and narrative methods, while developing a modern, technically cutting-edge language.

Our mission is to build a centre of excellence for genre movies: by genre movies we mean all those popular Italian films which in the ‘seventies and ’eighties were mainly thrillers, horror movies, detective films and science fiction.
Genres which still have huge commercial pulling power. You only need to look at the excellent box office results achieved by the numerous genre films in the world.




Via Toce, 15
20159 Milano (Italy)

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